Wealth Creation

Suze Orman’s book entitled, The Courage To Be Rich, Living A Life Of Material And Spiritual Abundance, is one resource that has helped change my life.

When I read this book a few years ago, I realized that sometimes the way we try to create wealth can actually cause us to lose it. For example, when you begin building a financial plan, it is important to save one’s resources, but we must also ensure that we give to others who are in need. When we are unwilling to give and help others, we are unable to make room for new blessings and opportunities. When an individual hoards wealth through wisdom and or material possessions, this can stop a free flow of currency.

In what area of your life can you examine that may prevent the flow of currency? How can we make room for more of what we need and still help others?

I hope these few points will help you continue to build your financial plan as we continue our journey with you, through wealth and wisdom.